Do not be a bully— BE A STAR


Alicia Fox, Cesaro and Stephany McMahon in Rome against bullying


WWE superstar Cesaro and the Diva Alicia Fox hosted an anti-bullying rally at “Via Carotenuto Middle School”, in Rome. Here they spoke with students about bullying issues and said aloud: “do not react to bullying with bullying, but be positive! Don’t be a bully, be a S T A R! it stands for Show Tolerance and Respect! Its mission is to promote positive methods of social interaction and encourages people to treat others as equals.

WWE promotes events in 150 different countries and it is translated into 35 languages. Its aim is to make people smile. It teaches that bullying is a problem that involves and affects everyone, regardless of the different countries and ages.

Alicia Fox in particular advises to pay attention to what children share on social networks; to be positive and not to put “likes” on negative comments.

Cesaro recommends not to be “spectators” but to talk to an adult and to be kind to those who are bullied.

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