Open doors at City Hall

Our youngest pupils, aged 10 y.o. were received by the mayor of the city of Rome and brought their reports asking for improvement in the school and in the neighborhood where they live.

This one of their letter…

C_Papi 49654Dear Mr. Mayor,

we are the children of the VB class school “R. The Cruise, “Casal Bernocchi.

we turn to her to inform you that there is a park in our neighborhood we hold dear, for it is born thanks to the collaboration of former students of our school who now attend the University, in fact they have just planted a few years ago, in day of the “Festival of Trees”, many small saplings that now, in summer, shelter us from the sun.C_Papi 49746

The problem, though, is that this park is unkempt: the grass is always high, the lawn is full of litter and glass, the bins are broken and when they are full, no one empties.

The “few” rides now are old, broken and therefore dangerous; also the two fountains are broken as well as the benches and the worst thing is that never goes to a vigilant check that all is well.

We would therefore ask you to help us in rehabilitating this little park.

We would like there were so many new rides and even trampolines, which we older children like so much. We would like to ask her new fences higher than the previous ones, so you do not get in, late at night, the boys a little ‘rude ruining our games.

We would also like a new bike path, a soccer field and a volleyball. We would also like so many IMG_0323new benches, along with new picnic tables, a drinking fountain and a kiosk where you can buy ice cream. Above all, however, we ask you to cut the tall grass and arrange a time suitable for opening and closing of the park.

Hoping that our request will welcome, thank you for your kind attention.

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