Teens and Phones

Many teens have now got a phone. But what do they do with it?

They listen to music, they use it for contacting their parents and relatives, but also for some bad purposes.

Listening to music is a common activity for teens. They watch videos of their idols singing on YouTube, they download songs or listen to music on line.

Contacting their parents in case of emergency. In case something has been happened or they may have some things to tell them while they’re away, the parents can easily contact their sons or daughters with cell phones and vice versa.

Playing games. Many boys and girls like playing games on their phone during their free time and seems that they really like them. If you meet people with games, read below!

Making on-line friends. When they aren’t with their real-life friends they can make some on-line friendship using socials such like Instagram or Snapchat. But we should be cautious in be-friending with these people: who knows who’s behind the screen? A true friend, or a dangerous people?

And what about cyber-bullying? Yeah, that’s a HUGE problem! Many kids and teens go online to meet new people, but after some time, the new buddies start bullying them. These hurtful words are mostly said for the bully’s fun and sometimes it can bring to depression and suicide. This needs to stop ASAP.

And there are also some daters who try to make a new  “young” boyfriend or girlfriend they date teens. They ask photos of kids, their phone number, and their home address.