The music in Italy

Italian music is known in Europe for their modern and old singers and musicians. For today’s young people the music is very important because with this you can day-dream or even remember beautiful moments, sad or happy. There are a lot of differents types of music, like rock, pop, funk, blues, jazz, rap… I always listen to music in radio when i am in car, but when i stay at home and I am bored or tired i go to bed and i listen to it for relax myself. But if you don’t want only listen to music, you can play a musical instrument or sing. The most of people play guitar, because it is a modern instrument that can accompany many famous songs. I really like it! At school, music teacher teaches us to play flute.  I believe that music is very important because through it you can day-dream,to think about something of really importance, we can relax during the moments of nervousness.